Okay, so I recently made the decision to cash-out some retirement funds so that the wife and I could take care of a few purchases that we have been thinking about for a long time now.  We’ve been watching the value of the dollar deteriorate, so it doesn’t make much sense to leave dollars sitting when they will end up losing more value than they would gain in investments.  It’s all about tangibles for us. Buy those things that will hold their value, and things that you can use. We may be starting a semi-retirement sooner than we thought we could.

We have several plans that we may implement with the money that I have come into. First we could buy a nicer, newer R/V and take our business on the road, or 20141221_114000we could sink around $10k or so into our current R/V to bring it up to modern times. That has a LOT of appeal, but there are downsides to this. Secondly we could invest in a larger sailboat and plan on sailing the California coast until family members finished college, then sail to the 20121021_121836south Pacific to live around the islands there. We have actually planned that for some years now, but that also has its issues. We could keep our current sailboat and make the necessary modifications to allow for long-term voyaging. Wow..  What to do?

The logistics of either would include things like moving our servers to the cloud or to someone’s office and paying them a monthly rental. That may be the way to go!

More later as this unfolds.


3 Replies to “To Buy or Not To Buy”

  1. I say sell RV, put money in boat you have and cruise CA coast, Canada and Alaska. I think the boat you have is a solid foundation for this and eventual trip across the Pacific.
    Whatever you decide keep is posted and most of all good luck.


    1. Thanks, Jason. I will continue to post here and on Google Plus about how things turn out. The wife wants to upgrade to a bigger sailboat first, so that will be a sure thing.

    2. Well, we sold the RV and are concentrating on the sailboat now. Our new site is sailbeforesunset.com for the sailboat. I’m keeping this one alive in the event that we buy another RV. I’m already missing our old Lazy Daze.

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