DSCF2156So, after a really long time away from the R/V life, we decided to make a more concerted effort to get back into some land-locked adventures. Our sailboat is at the point right now where it is not livable because of all the work being done, and so here we are, back in the R/V for new adventures!

It started when we found that the cutlass bearing on the sailboat was worn out and needed replacing. What was supposed to be about a two week repair has turned into a two month repair, for various reasons. Mean time we decided to have an arch installed for our solar, radar, and dingy davit system. That is in progress, too. And the cabinet man is in the middle of installing new cabinets and a drawer system for the pantry. The past few weeks we decided to drive the R/V down to the marine so that we could stay in it at night, and work on the sailboat during the day. We’re at the point now where we cannot finish our projects until some of the other work is completed, and we really need to get away!

So off to Old Route 66 we go! There are a few stops that we want to make that we missed last time we drove this part of the route. In particular the old church from the movie Kill Bill, if we decide.

Stay tuned!

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