As we prepare to close our office and retire to sail part-time and R/V part-time, we are making plans for a permanent land-based place to live when we’re not sailing. After much debate on the best way to have both the sailboat and a home on land, we decided that we would forego the traditional house and buy land and a Class A R/V to park on it. There is still plenty of time to change our minds because we plan on about 10 years of sailing before we dock the boat and travel the States in the R/V.

We figure that 10 to 20 acres of land would be about right and would give us the opportunity in later years to have farm animals and perhaps a nice garden, too. We are thinking that we might have a foundation poured for the R/V and maybe a carport with solar on the roof to park it in. We have actually looked at about five pieces of land already and may settle on purchasing. We are in no real hurry to buy so we’re sure that we will find the right acreage.

Any way we look at it the next year or so should be really exciting! Technically retirement kicks in around mid May, although we will continue to keep the office open until all our receivables are in. After that we are pretty well free to leave whenever we wish. By that time the land will have been purchased, along with the R/V, and life begins!

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